Stack Overflow theme for jsonresume npm version

Printable version with custom CSS


Getting started

Install the command line

Create your resume in json on jsonresume

The official resume-cli to run the development server.

Go ahead and install it:

sudo npm install -g resume-cli

Install and serve theme

Clone the repository

npm install jsonresume-theme-stackoverflow

then change directory:

cd node_modules/jsonresume-theme-stackoverflow/

And simply run:

resume serve

You should now see this message:

Preview: http://localhost:4000
Press ctrl-c to stop

To build your own resume, create a ‘resume.json’ file in the current folder and follow the json resume schema

Social Profiles Icons

Profiles supported with brand colors:

github, stack overflow, linkedin, dribbble, twitter, facebook, pinterest, instagram, soundcloud, wordpress, youtube, flickr, google plus, tumblr, foursquare.

To have a social icon close the social link profile (or username) it is enough to set a network the name of the Social Network (es: ‘Stack Overflow’).

Support to extra fields

With stackoverflow theme it is possible to add:

example of the extra location object:

"location": {
  "city": "Zürich",
  "countryCode": "CH",
  "region": "Switzerland"

example of the extra birth object:

"birth": {
  "place": "New York",
  "state": "USA",
  "date": "1988"


Fork the project, add your feature (or fix your bug) and open a pull request OR

Open an issue if you find find or if you would like to have extra fields or changes


Available under the MIT license.